Tune-Ups & Checks

ABC Safety

The ABC Safety Check is a quick check of the bicycle to make sure it is safe to ride. We check Air, Brakes and Chain. We will let you know if there is anything on the bike that should be replaced or repaired before you ride.


Tune Up
The Drive-Train Tune Up is for when just your drive-train is in need of extra attention. It allows for the installation of any drive-train part purchased from us for FREE. We:
• Solvent Clean Chain
• Detail Clean Both Derailleurs
• Detail Clean Cranks
• Bottom Bracket Inspection
• Torque Crank Bolts
• Adjust Front and Rear Shifter/Derailleurs
• Lube all Derailleur Cable Housings


Tune Up
The Basic Tune Up is for when your whole bike needs a little attention. We:
• Inspect Bike
• Wipe-down Bike
• Adjust Front and Rear Shifter/Derailleur
• Adjust and Lube Brakes
• Clean and Lube Chain
• Lube all Cable Housings
• Check Wear of Chain
• Air Tires to Recommended PSI
• Inspect and Tighten all Bolts and Accessories


Tune Up
The Deluxe Tune Up is for when your whole bike needs extra attention. It allows for the installation of most parts at a discount price. Services include the Basic Tune Up, PLUS:
• Bike Wash
• Precision Wheel True
• Front/Rear Hub Adjustment
• Bottom Bracket Adjustment
• Headset Adjustment
• Free Tube Install

Pro Road

Tune Up
This is a performance tune up for road bikes. It includes all Basic and Deluxe Tune Up services PLUS:
• New Cable Installation
• New Handlebar Tape Installation
• Removal of Chain, Cranks, and Cassette for Solvent Cleaning
• Installation of Any Drivetrain Part Free

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